Every athlete has a story that defines who they are and what got them here today. With the goal of helping competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts share their story in a meaningful way, U-Fit Gear was born. We believe that the most important word in the human language is Why, and everyone’s level of success is in part due to their ability to express their Why. At U-Fit, we are on a mission to help each and every athlete tell their story, all starting with Why.

In order to allow athletes to express their Why on and off the field, we designed a lightweight shirt with top-of-the-line moisture wicking performance material, providing maximum comfort and durability for high intensity training. Motivational quotes are printed on the back of our shirts, inspiring athletes to not only become competitors, but leaders and winners as well.

Remember, in any race it is the runners in the back who keep their eyes focused on those directly ahead of them. Come join our movement to help others share their Why. Together we can push people to greatness.